The 411 On Fixing Reading Glasses

No matter how careful and responsible you are with your reading glasses, there is always that chance that they do break. What do you do next? Well purchasing a new pair is always an option but what if you need those readers sooner and don’t have the time or resources to get them?

Here are a few ways you may be able to fix those valuable readers that were dropped, squished, stretched or bent:

Often the temples or arms are held together by screws. If a screw becomes loose, there is a good chance you aren’t going to find it.  Many electronics shops and glasses stores sell them but if you are in a jam you can remove a screw with a mini screwdriver from an older pair of frames as that may work in putting them back together. You can also try a thin piece of wire, but this will require you to have pliers. Push the wire through the screw hole and wrap it around the inside of the frame several times before twisting the ends together with the pliers. Work with the arm in the “open” position, pull the wire tight, and don’t try to close the frames.

Most metal and plastic frames are designed to reshape for your specific face. They though can become loose if for example they are bent.  If your frames become loose heating them gently will generally soften the material and allow you to bend the arms back. Place them in water the temperature of a hot bath for a minute or two. Remove the frames from the water and bend the arms gently, replacing them in the water to reheat if the frame cools and stiffens. Don’t force the arms or you will risk snapping them. Instead, hold each arm lengthwise between the thumbs and forefingers of both your hands and squeeze gently, using a “bouncing” motion and moving your fingers up and down the arm to reshape it gradually.

Obviously like everything else, these above tips are solely suggestions and may not work or be feasible in every situation. Luckily if you aren’t in a time crush, you can purchase an affordable brand new pair from and have them delivered to your front door in the matter of days.

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