The Great Benefits OverGlass Sunglasses Bring

With summer in full force, it is a great time to be outside. The beach, the park, the pool, all great places to take in the warm sun and great weather. The one problem is you wear prescription glasses and if  you put on a pair of sunglasses you maybe able to feel the heat but you sure won’t be able to see it!

Prescription sunglasses, especially for those with their eyes still changing can be pretty pricey.  Flaps are another alternative but aren’t the most cosmetically attractive. There is though an alternative that won’t break your bank account and at the same time look great on your face -  Kilamanjaro Overglass Sunglasses by Optx 20/20.

Not only will a pair of overglass sunglasses help those that wear prescription frames deal with the hot sun rays. They will also keep your expensive frames safe and protected at the same time.

Kilamanjaro frames are lightweight and look like regular sunglasses. People won’t even know you have your regular prescription glasses behind them. Additionally the lenses protect 99.9% of UVA and UVB light which is extremely helpful for people with chronic eye problems.

Don’t let your prescription glasses get in the way of enjoying the summer months the way you deserve. Get an affordable pair of Kilamanjaro overglasses sunglasses today, available in three colors and start working on your tan!

Overglass Sunglasses

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