The Spring Hinge Benefit

One very important factor when choosing a pair of reading glasses is comfort. Face it, if they don’t feel good, you probably will avoid wearing them and they most likely will just collect dust on your night-table.

One very important aspect for comfort are the temples. If you are hard on your readers and they start to feel like they are falling off your face, the temples probably have a contributing factor. A way to combat this issue and to help keep them intact and comfortable on your face is by getting a pair of readers that include a spring hinge. For example, the Optx 20/20 3-Pair Valu-Pac Classic Readers.

Spring hinge temples prevent you from stretching the fit of your reading glasses and ensure that the glasses remain intact and not become loose or out of shape. They are specially designed for those who really need comfortable readers  because of their working environment or because they fall asleep with their glasses on and end up breaking or damaging them unconsciously.

Another benefit of spring hinges is that they are very easy to repair if they do happen to break. There are many guides online that are easy to follow so you can repair them at home or bring to a professional so you can save the expense of having to  buy a new pair.

Appearance is one important factor when it comes to choosing the right pair of reading glasses. Another very important consideration and factor should also be comfort and durability. A great looking pair of readers with spring hinges can solve both issues and provide you with a great pair of readers that will last for years!

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