Knowing The Facts About Vision Insurance

With many health insurance policies not covering vision expenses unless there is an eye disease involved, should you invest in vision or optical insurance either through their company or by taking out an individual policy? Here are a few items you should keep in mind when deciding:

  • Knowing The Types Of Plans Available – In general there are two types of optical plans. Vision benefits packages give you access to a fixed dollar amount of services for a premium or a membership fee. Discount vision plans simply give you a predefined discount, such as 15 percent off covered services, to whatever level of spending you want.
  • Benefits packages function very similar to typical health insurances. You might have a small co-pay, and the plan typically limits what it will cover for specific products or services. For example, the plan might allow for a fixed dollar amount toward a pair of frames and require you to pay the difference if you choose a more expensive pair. Benefits packages are usually more expensive than discount plans.
  • Discount plans are probably the best route if you aren’t planning to get new glasses or don’t make use of many vision services each year. They are typically a third of the price of what a benefits packages costs.
  • Other factors to keep in mind for either type of plan is whether it covers services by your regular optometrist and whether the locations for services in general are convenient. Before signing up for any package, make sure you know what the restrictions are so you don’t have any surprises or frustrations. Interesting to note is that  Americans who take part in vision insurance plans are twice as likely to schedule an eye exam as those who don’t, according to the National Association of Vision Care Plans.

When considering either type of plan, try to calculate what it would cost you to pay the entire bill yourself. Then compare that with the plans’ cost of premiums plus the out-of-pocket costs you’d have to cover.

Eye exams are very important for eye health as well as other issues you may not have known you had such as diabetes and high blood pressure. That is why no matter how you pay for it, its important to get an eye exam on a regular basis.

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