Silicone Keeps Your Nose Comfy

There is nothing more irritating or annoying than taking off your glasses and finding a big red irritation mark on the sides of your nose from your glasses nose pads. Not only does it make you look like Rudolph The Reindeer but it also hurts!

Luckily, glasses made with silicone nose pads have a variety of advantages that are unique over other types of nose pads.

For one they are flexible! They easily flex with little applied pressure. By having this feature it enables the surface of a silicone nose pad to easily conform to the nasal area of an eyeglass wearer. Since a high surface contact area translates into a better weight distribution of a glasses frame over a wearer’s skin, the use of silicone nose pads results in a lighter feeling pair of eyeglasses.

Silicone nose pads are extremely adaptable. Since they are soft, cushy, and comfortable, most eyeglass and sunglass wearers adapt almost immediately to the feel and weight of a new pair of glasses.

Cleaning and maintaining silicone nose pads are also extremely simple. They can easily be cleaned with soap and water. Due to their amazing resiliency, silicone used to manufacture nosepads for glasses often outlive the life of the eyeglasses themselves!

With summer in full force, wearing sunglasses are essential! Luckily many pairs of Optx 20/20 Sunglasses, including the Vapour EcoClear Bifocal pair come equipped with silicone nose pads so both your eyes and your nose feel good everytime you are enjoying the great outdoors!

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