The Benefits Of Polycarbonate

When picking out a pair of glasses or sunglasses you may notice something that talks about the lenses being made of polycarbonate. The word sounds beneficial but wouldn’t it be great to find out exactly what it means?

Well you may or not have been aware but polycarbonate lenses have a slew of benefits. For one they are incredibly strong, so if you are one that is very hard on your glasses, there is a good chance lenses made of polycarbonate will stand up to the fight.

Polycarbonate lenses are also highly scratch resistant. Due to a special anti-scratch coating which will keep the lenses clear for as long as possible, even in the most extreme situations.

Additionally lenses made of polycarbonate are lighter in weight and thinner than what the usual glass or plastic lenses are made from. This lighter feeling should add to the comfort when wearing them on your face.

Sunglasses made of polycarbonate, such as the Ecoclear Denali by Optx 20/20 offer inherent ultraviolet (UV) radiation protection, cutting out around 99% of these potentially damaging rays from not only the sun but also bright indoor lighting.

There are many stylish, affordable frames that Optx 20/20 carries that feature polycarbonate lenses. One popular frame model is the Gravity line. Now though, you will know exactly what some of the great benefits they provide!

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