Why Getting An Eye Exam Is Necessary

Many of us live busy lives and getting to the eye doctor, especially for something that doesn’t bother you may not be a top priority. It though needs to be regardless of your age or physical health.

That’s because during an eye exam does a lot more than just determine your glasses or contact lenses prescription. They also check your eyes for many common eye diseases that you may not be aware you have including Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Ocular Hypertension. In fact many blinding eye diseases have few or no warning signs until they have taken away some or all of your vision.

All adults should consider having an eye exam every year or two beginning at age 40, and at least once a year after age 50, which is when eye diseases are most common.

If though you have diabetes you should have an examination every year starting after your diagnosis no matter how old you are. People with relatives that also have eye related diseases should also get checked annually.

Don’t be nervous, an eye exam won’t hurt and will tell you a lot of information on the health of your eyes, including if reading glasses are appropriate.

Don’t stall any longer make an appointment with local eye doctor today!

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