Everything You Need To Know About Styes

Have you ever been reading the newspaper with your reading glasses and feel an inflamed pimple type growth on your eyelid? If so you have experienced what they call a stye to your eye. Caused by bacteria that normally exist harmlessly on the skin of your eye, styes can make the area around your eye look swollen, red and become painful.

Styes often do not require treatment other than warm compresses. Should they reoccur though, you may need an antibiotic or in some cases minor surgery to drain it.

Styes are not contagious, in the sense that you don’t “catch” a stye from someone who has one. Styes form as part of a more complicated process than simple contact, and the body’s natural defenses tend to block stye formation. Bacteria though, from a stye can be passed to someone else, but they would only rarely cause an infection to the receiving person.

The best way to avoid getting a stye is through regular hand hygiene. People with styes shouldn’t wear contact lenses or eye makeup until their stye is gone.

Besides being uncomfortable, styes aren’t always the most attractive looking in appearance. If you do happen to get one, it’s good to have a pair of Optx 20/20 sunglasses available to cover it up.

If the problem gets worse make sure to contact your ophthalmologist as they can give you specific instructions and advice.

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