Glasses That Refuse To Break Or Get Lost

Are you one of those people always breaking your readers or can never find where you left them? You aren’t alone. Reading glasses can be delicate and being that you aren’t in the same place all the time when you are wearing them they are very easy to get lost.

With Elements and NICO by Optx 20/20 you can start to rest easier. Not only do you get a stylish pair of readers at an affordable price but also glasses that refuse to either break or get lost!

Elements and NICO don’t have screws so their temples can’t come loose. They simply click and unclick by using your hands. This makes it easy to interchange temple colors to match the outfit you are wearing.

In addition to these readers not breaking they feature magnetic attachments so they can easily attach to anything metal. Plus, each pair comes with a magnetic suction cup mount so you place them easily on any additional type of surface.

Available in a variety of colors for both men and women of any face type, Elements and NICO even come with a magnetic lanyard and a hard protective case for additional protection.

With Elements and NICO you can start seeing better without having a worry in the world!

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