Quality Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

We all have heard the saying “You Pay For What You Get”. While that may be true on many items and services we have purchased, it is not always the case. Here’s a great example:

When looking for a pair of quality, long last readers you probably think they will cost hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. You probably also think they are made out of this amazing material so they won’t break and stay in shape for ever.Those types of glasses are probably out there but are they really necessary?

With Optx 20/20 EcoClear Harmony and Symphony readers you can get optical quality readers at an RX price. No not $500, simply just $39.99!

These frames aren’t made cheaply either. They feature optical, stylish frame construction and include quality acrylic aspheric lenses so as good as they look and feel, your vision won’t be sacrificed either.

In addition to the quality construction, the frames are lightweight and the temples are bendable which caters to great flexibility on any face’s shape.

You will also help the environment when buying these glasses as they frames are completely eco-friendly being made from a combination of recycled and plant-based materials.

With the holiday’s coming up these glasses will make for great stocking suffers. The recipient will think you paid thousands for. But don’t worry we will keep the price our little secret!

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