The Various Activities Where Hydrotac Can Help

Hydrotac stick-on bifocal lenses are fantastic. In just seconds they can turn any pair of eye wear into bifocal lenses. That includes regular eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety goggles and others. Hydrotac lenses are reusable, removable and best of all extremely affordable!

Great for those who require magnification for eyewear that isn’t a prescription, here are just a few activities where Hydrotac stick-on lenses can come in real handy!

  • Biking. If you are one that loves competitive bike riding or just going for a stroll in your neighborhood wouldn’t it be great to easily read your GPS without having to hunch over it or to squint. Hydrotac lenses can be easily applied right over your goggle so you easily know where you are and where you are headed!
  • Fishing. There’s nothing like going fishing with your friends and family on a beautiful day on a boat or pier. Wouldn’t it be great not having to ask for help to get your bait on your rod and be able to put it on yourself? With Hydrotac lenses sticking onto your glasses or sunglasses no mistakes will be made and fishing will be more successful and enjoyable.
  • Industry Working. If you work in an industry with a lot of machinery, attention to detail is critical. A mistake because of lack of sight not only can cause revenue for the company but potential injury to yourself and others around you. Hydrotac lenses easily stick onto safety goggles so no detail is left unmet.

Easily trim able to any size, Hydrotac lenses are the perfect alternative to buying expensive bifocal glasses for the various activities in your life. Purchase now from Optx 20/20 and get FREE shipping to your door in just a matter of days and start “enjoying life’s little details.”

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