The Benefits Of A Retina Display

With the holidays right around the corner many of us will be shopping for the new gadgets for loved ones. One of the most popular on many wish lists is sure to be the new Apple iPad and iPad Mini, both which come with Retina Display. But are there benefits to getting the newest gadget from Apple with the Retina Screen?

The answer is yes. Many people love to put on their reading glasses and curl up on a comfy chair with a good book sitting on their tablet or iPad. The new iPad with Retina display makes reading on a tablet so much easier. Here are a few reasons why:

  • A Retina screen reduces eye strain
  • Text on the screen is much more crisper
  • A Retina screen allows readers to read much faster which makes them want to read for longer periods of time using a device compared to reading from paper.

If you stare at a computer for a long period of time and find yourself with burning or stinging eyes, sensitivity to light, intermittent or constant blurred vision or even double vision you are most likely experiencing eye strain from computer vision syndrome.

Traditional tablets and computer screens don’t have enough pixels per inch to properly display text, resulting in coarser typography where character shapes and forms don’t differentiate and stand out enough. Serifs and curves are not as clean as they are supposed to be (or how print typography looks). Because the shapes and forms of the individual letters are harder to make out than printed text, this causes us to spend more time on each letter and word, slowing us down and causing eye fatigue.

With the Retina iPad you get 264 pixels per inch compared to the original iPad and other tablets that have 132 PPI. This should make it much easier on you and your loved one’s eyes to read a book or newspaper using the new device.

Happy holidays and happy reading from your friends at Optx 20/20.

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