Women, Reading Glasses and Makeup

The number one myth for women that wear reading glasses in public is that you shouldn’t wear too much makeup when you have the glasses on. In contrast, the opposite is actually true as you want to put on a little more makeup to allow your eyes to pop. But what tricks will make your eyes pop the most?

First, you are going to want to choose colors that are warm in tone. Copper browns and oranges are your best bets. Cooler colors such as grey will only make you look like you have a black eye.

Second, if you are a wearer of readers, you do not want to do a lot of color underneath the eye. It will just make you look really tired and make your whole eye area look dark.

Lastly to make your eyes pop behind your frame you will want to make a solid brow. In this case you want to use a color that matches your hair color.

These simple makeup tricks will provide any woman wearing reading glasses out on the town with plenty of compliments.

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