What Color Is Right For You?

When browsing the Optx20/20 website you don’t get to just get to look at a large variety of unique and stylish frames. Each frame also comes in a variety of color options. Deciding which frame maybe easy, picking the right color though can get tricky. One enormous factor for choosing the right color reading glasses frames is not just hair color but also the undertone within the hair color.  Here are a few tips (and a great cheat sheet) that can help with deciding which to choose:

If you are a warm blonde (have honey and brown undertones) ideal options include frames in light tortoise, green and red shades.  For example a pair of Journey in Tortoise/Crystal.

For cooler blondes or blondes with ashy undertones, frames that are blue and black should be what you are looking for. Try to avoid colors with strong yellow or gold undertones as they will contrast with your hair color. One option may be a pair of Entwine in Black/Crystal.

If you happen to be a brunette with lighter undertones you probably want to stick with a lighter tortoise shade such as a warm green, red or creamy off-white. Elements magnetic readers with red temples would compliment perfectly.

In contrast, brunettes with darker undertones should look for frames in black, blue or dark tortoise to achieve the best effect. NICO in black would be a perfect match.

If you are a red head, readers in rich colors will definitely get you the most attention. Frames in cream, black and tortoise are all great options.

Obviously everyone has their own tastes and this guide is simply that, just a guide. Lots of other factors can play a role in choosing the right color frame including skin tone and eye color. No matter, which pair you choose though, a new pair of readers for 2014 is a great investment!

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