Helpful Hints To Maintain Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses have a tough life. Being that we are always on the move and constantly taking them on and off from being inside or outside they have a lot of potential to get out-of-whack. No matter how hard we try to maintain them, it is just one thing that many of us can’t avoid.

Luckily, unless they become completely broken, most sunglasses can get fixed right from home with the assistance of some small tools.

The most common way your shades can become out-of-whack is from the nose pads becoming loose. That is why, even if they still sit on your face fine, you should tighten them periodically. You may also want to use some clear nail polish on the screws before tightening them. They will act as glue adhesive and should keep your frames better intact.

If your nose pads aren’t loose, over time they may just need to be replaced because of wear-n-tear. Some nose pads screw in, some slide in, and some simply snap in. Depending on the frame will determine how to replace it.

For frames that feature screw in nose pads you will want to unscrew the old pad using your mini screwdriver, remove it and align the new one. Once aligned, using gentle pressure screw the new one in. Be careful though not to scratch the lenses with the screw when you are replacing it.

If you have a pair of sunglasses that have snap on nose pads you will want to place your thumb over the lens having your thumbnail rest over the pad arm. Using a flat screw driver or butter knife, gently pop the pad off using the tool between your thumbnail and the pad. Then twist the tool and you should easily be able to snap the new pad right in.

Occasionally you may come across a pair of sunglasses that feature slide-in nose pads. In this case support the lens, bridge and pad arm to simply slide the pad out. Then simply slide the new one in.

Sunglasses are an important part of people’s wardrobe and a way to keep your eyes safe from the sun. By maintaining your investment will guarantee a long-shelf life for your stylish shades!


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