Ways to Avoid Digital Eyestrain

The digital revolution is here. More and more of us are looking not only at computer screens for information but also smaller digital devices like tablets and smartphones.

While this trend is becoming more advanced on what seems to be a daily basis, this new technology can also cause a strain on our eyes.

In fact, according to the American Optometric Association (AOA) 70 to 75% of people that work on computers are now experiencing eye and vision problems; such as general pain, double vision and headaches.

For some, spending less time on the computer may help heal these issues. For others who have no choice but continue to utilize computers and digital devices for their jobs, there is some alternative ways to combat the problem:

  • Keep your monitor bright. Yes, if you are using mobile devices, this may drain the battery quicker. It though will also help in lessening eye strain problems. A bright monitor causes the pupil to constrict and a greater range of focus will result. This will reduce the need for your eye to accommodate and enable you to work longer with more comfort.
  • Take vitamins with antioxidants. Vitamins that contain vitamin A, C, and E with a B complex and zinc will not only provide energy to the eye but help in reducing eye strain.

  • Light helps. Always have a reading or desk light on when working on the computer. More light can help decrease strain on your eyes and help them stay focused.

  • Positioning is important. You adjust the mirrors and seat when you’re driving a car. You need to do the same when looking at your computer screen. By looking at your screen at the wrong position can add a lot of stress and strain to your eyes. A good, general rule would be to have the screen 20-28 inches from your eyes and face. Always know though that most monitors – both laptops and desktops will swivel or adjust to help give you the most comfort.

Glasses, such as computer glasses and reading glasses can also be of assistance. Speak to your eye doctor though, ahead of time to make sure you are wearing the right pair as you don’t want to do further damage your eyes and your eye muscles.

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