The Diopter Laws

When going out and buying a pair of readers, besides looking for the style that fits you best, you need to find a pair you can see out of. Reading glasses lenses (as well as all types of prescription eyewear) are based off of a diopter reading. A diopter is the power of the lens that is needed for your vision to become normal. The higher the number, the stronger the lens.

If you are in the need of reading glasses, you most likely have a presbyopia or are far sighted and need a plus (+) magnification to help see clearly when reading and doing other things up close.

If you are slightly far sighted, +100 to +250, you should be able to get a pair of readers anywhere that sells over-the-counter reading glasses. Some states, by law though require you go and get a prescription from an eye doctor to be able to purchase stronger lenses. (Greater than +325) In New York and Rhode Island the restriction is even greater and you can only get up to a +275 power from an over-the-counter retail store.

These rules and restrictions are different online and you are legally able to purchase readers with powers greater than +325. This makes life much easier and can save you a lot of money in doctor’s fees from having to get a formal prescription to purchase stronger lenses.

Optx20/20 offers a wide variety of stylish, affordable reading glasses with strong diopters that can be delivered right to your front door. For example, the popular Airlite frame is available in a diopter up to +400. You can even get the OptxAlloy 3-pair ValuPac in Metal in a diopter of +500 for just $12.50.

Don’t let state laws determine the price you pay for readers. Your eyes are going to change and Optx 20/20 is the place that has you covered once you need a stronger pair!

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