Where are my glasses?

People in the U.S. spend $15 billion each year on eyewear, according to the American Academy of Opthalmology. Yes, everyone is getting older and the need for glasses can increase, but a good majority of that money is spent to replace lost glasses.

Losing your glasses can be as frustrating as losing your wallet, maybe even worse because it can prevent you from seeing. It can even be more annoying trying to retrace your steps which may even result in just a lot of wasted time.

The most common places people lose their glasses or readers are on buses, trains, airports, hotels, cabs and even the beach.

Luckily though, Optx 20/20 have created various solutions to assist in preventing you from having to buy another pair of readers because they got lost.

One amazing solution is the Magellan Slingshot. These stylish readers feature an adjustable, retractable cord built right into the temples. You can adjust the cord snug to keep them tight against your face or lock them loose to wear around your neck. This way they are guaranteed to always be with you.

Hubble Folding Readers are another great solution for those that are always losing their glasses. These unique readers fold up when not in use into a compact, mirrored case that can fit in a pocket or purse. That way, it will force you to have the case nearby to easily keep safe and at the same time, with you at all times. These readers are even available at strengths up to +400!

NICO, part of the Elements Collection provides stylish readers that not only include a lanyard to wear around your neck, but also a suction cup that lets you attach your glasses to anything, anywhere you want, when not on your face. For example, the refrigerator or file cabinet in the office.

Don’t be part of the statistic. With the help of new technology, you keep that extra money in your pocket and not have to spend it on constantly replacing your lost glasses.

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