Using Your iPhone For an Eye Exam

Your iPhone can do a lot of stuff! It can be used to measure calories, watch movies and even to start your car. Well, now it can also be used to take an eye exam!

Researchers from Harvard Medical School have created a way that you can use your phone to perform fundus photography, also known as photographing of the retina.

By using a videography app called FiLMiC Pro, along with an ophthalmology-specific 20D lens, the scientists were able to capture excellent, high-quality fundus images in both children under anesthesia and adults that were awake.

What makes this so big is not only is the setup portable (you don’t have to be in an eye doctor’s office) but it is also quite easy to use as well as inexpensive. This should be beneficial for those in developing nations who otherwise couldn’t afford to get an eye exam.

With the help of the iPhone and other technological advances that companies like Optx 20/20 is doing (for example, un-lose able glasses and eco-friendly products) more people are going to be able to see the world much more clearer.

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