The Fog Effect

With this winter taking a beating on much of the country it can be very frustrating having your eyeglasses fog up because of the cold. Fogged up glasses can also become a safety issue as it limits your ability to see, especially for first responders, law enforcement officers and the military that rely very heavily on their eyesight to do their jobs.

Lens fogging is caused by tiny water droplets that form by condensation on the surface of eyeglass lenses when the lenses are significantly cooler than the surrounding air temperature.

Luckily, now with the help of technology there are anti-fog coatings that are applied to glasses and other safety eyewear.

This coating allows the glasses lenses to stay clear when you make the transition from a cold to warm environment. It also assists during times when your body may be perspiring.

If you or a family member are in the military and have to deal not only with hostile environments but the natural elements, the Eyedefend CrossTrain Military Ballistic Shield is your perfect solution. Not only does the shield provide ant-fog coating but is battle field tested and extremely comfortable as well as stylish to wear on your face.

In addition the shield comes with a full kit of features including various color lenses, a hard case and a snap-on elastic retention strap.

Don’t let the fog, hostile environments and the natural elements get in the way of your sight. Get a pair of Eyedefend CrossTrain Military Glasses and your eyes will be able to withstand anything!

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