Glasses and the Movies

People remember movies for a variety of reasons. Some for the famous quotes, some for the famous scenes. Others are remembered though not for the wardrobes, but the glasses worn in front of the camera.

Here are a few memorable movies where glasses play a big part in the character:

  • Harry Potter The round specs Harry wears throughout the Harry Potter movies are essential to his character and will always be referenced when a person in public is wearing specs similar.
  • The Matrix The sunglasses Neo, Trinity and Morpheus sport via the Matrix Trilogy is like nothing else you have ever seen in the movies. Not only did they look cool but were entertaining to look at while they were leaping, kicking and punching the enemy.

  • Men In Black Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Agent J and Agent K respectively wouldn’t be able to effectively do their investigating to protect the earth from scum without their fancy shades.

  • Terminator The cool shades in Terminator 2 and 3 became an essential part in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wardrobe, just as important as the leather jacket that made up the Terminator.

Glasses may be overlooked many times when it comes to the movies but they actually play a very distinguishing and memorable part in some of the biggest movies of all time.

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