Getting used to Hydrotac lenses

Hydrotac stick-on lenses are great. They turn any pair of eyewear, including sunglasses, safety glasses or non-prescription eyewear into powerful magnifying bifocal lenses.

For many of us though, adding Hydrotac lenses for the first time can take a little while to get used to. That includes some unusual sensations such as the presence of a dividing line, a blur on one part of your lens and a “jumping” image as you look through the other part of the lens where the Hydrotac bifocal is located.

This uncomfortable period is common in the beginning and will take a little time to adjust. Luckily our brains are remarkably adaptive, so you will get used to these sensations and eventually be able to ignore them.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions on making this new vision adjustment:

  • Don’t wear them all the time in the beginning. Hydrotac are simple to remove and reapply so try them out in small dosages. You will gradually find yourself able to wear them more and more.
  • Try to stop thinking about the Hydrotac lenses when they are on your face. If the floor looks blurred, don’t keep looking at it. You never used to walk around looking at the floor before you got the Hydrotac lenses.
  • If you have been diligent in trying your Hydrotac for a few weeks and you still think the lenses are not right, you may have the wrong prescription. Optx 20/20 offers a range of prescriptions ranging from +125 all the way up to +300, and a slight diopter adjustment can make a huge difference in your vision.

Hydrotac lenses are an amazing creation. They offer distortion-free magnification from edge to edge and leave no residue on your existing eyewear. Made right here in the USA, you will be amazed how much they will make a difference in your everyday life!

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