The Best Places on Earth to Read a Book

Now that you have your pair of stylish readers you purchased from Optx 20/20 it’s time to enjoy them with a great book. Whether you read books the traditional paper way or via a tablet or iPad, there are plenty of great places you can enjoy that story.

Here are just some of the most special and famous places around the globe you may want to take your readers and a good book to:

  • Tom’s Bench, Los Angeles, California – Made famous by Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character in 500 Days of Summer. The bench is now an attraction for film fans, but at the same time can make for a great spot to settle in with a novel or autobiography.
  • Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France has been a staple of Paris’ Latin Quarter since 1951. The bookstore has welcomed many famous writers and today welcomes readers to scour its shelves and to find a spot to settle into and enjoy a great story. On top of that, the benches outside provide spectacular views of Notre Dame.

Everyone has their own opinions and tastes. Maybe it’s as simple as on your couch, the backyard, on the train or at the beach that is your favorite reading spot. No matter where it is a pair of Optx 20/20 readers is the perfect compliment to take it all in!

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