Summer Eyewear Trends

The heat is about to be on and the hot the summer months are quickly approaching! As you are gearing up at the mall for your new summer wardrobes, why not give your eyewear a makeover that will get your friends and family complimenting.

Here are a few styles that will help turn up the “heat”:

  • Colorful Temples. This summer why not try a pair of frames that have a little flare on the sides. A great example are the “SOHO” frame that feature a classic front eye look with colorful, bright temples that provide unique detailing that adds dimension. Not only are they real stylish, they are very affordable, at just $9.99!
  • Statement Frames. With the help of many celebrities, bold statement frames that bridge the gap between rectangular and square frames are back! For example, the “CEO” frames feature a classic half-rim front with thick, fashion color spring hinged temples. These frames are sure to make a statement during the hot summer months.
  • Dramatic Pattern Frames. Glasses provide a great opportunity to mix in dramatic patterns to your look without having to drastically alter your wardrobe. The “Aspen”, bifocal sunglasses frames do just that with its sophisticated leopard look. They aren’t just stylish, but are extremely lightweight and are made using bio-based materials.

The summer is going to be hot! Give your eyes a makeover with a brand new pair of readers or sunglasses from Optx 20/20. You will be sure to get a ton of “wows”!

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