The Benefits of Microfiber

Microfiber, a word you may have heard of but not exactly sure what it is or what its benefits are. Essentially, microfiber is constructed using polyester and nylon fibers that are approximately 1/16th the thickness of a human hair. When woven together, microfibers create a net-like surface area that is able to trap moisture, dirt and debris. This is something that traditional cotton cloth and mop fibers aren’t able to do.

Microfiber has become a very popular material for sofas and other upholstery as it is easy to clean and allows air to circulate in and around the surface of the fabric.

Microfiber has also become a very popular material in cleaning eyeglass lenses. That is because the cloths gently lift dust and oil without potentially scratching the lens. With microfiber glasses cloths, no water or chemicals are needed, which helps conserve and protect the environment. Just a quick swipe and they should make the surface clear. They are also great because they are reusable, simply rinse them after use and dry them.

Optx 20/20, which prides itself of designing fashionable eyewear using bio-based materials, is now providing free microfiber pouch cases with many of their frames including the popular Switch sunglasses and Yellowfin bifocal sunglasses. Not only do these pouches easily clean your new glasses but will also protect them when not in use.

Give microfiber a shot; you will be pleasantly surprised in all the benefits it provides!


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