Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just a few days away and choosing a gift for Dad can be challenging. You probably already got him a tie and watch and a gift card isn’t very personable for the dad or grand dad in your life. This year, why not try something different. Why not give Dad the gift of eyewear! Here are a few great options we are sure he will love:

You can’t go wrong with getting him a pair of Oxygen, Limited Edition readers with A/R Coating. This top selling frame is now available with anti-reflective coating so glares and reflections are now a thing of the past. Extremely stylish, they will sit lightly on any wearers face and are made using eco-friendly materials. Every pair even includes a protective case made from plant materials in a color-coordinated basket weave!

With the warm summer months upon us, you can’t go wrong with getting dad a new pair of sunglasses to enjoy the great outdoors!  One exciting new pair you may want to check out is the Polarized Switch sunglass frame. Weighing a mere .5oz these shades are great for Dad’s looking for high performance. Available in four stylish colors they will block 99.9% UVA and UVB light making them safe for eyes even on the hottest of days!

If Dad already has a pair of readers or sunglasses that he loves but could use some bifocal magnification, why not get him a pair or two of Hydrotac lenses. Hydrotac lenses turns ANY pair of eyewear into powerful magnifying lenses. Just drop a little water on the lens and adhere them to any non-prescription pair of eyewear. Within seconds you have bifocal lenses that are durable, removable and can be reused on other pairs.

No matter what you decide on, we are sure Dad and Grandpa will be smiling! From everyone at Optx 20/20 have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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