Three Reasons Why ValuePac Readers Are Great

With the summer officially here, many of us are on the move. We are going on vacation, hitting the beach and basically spending time away from home. Getting out and getting away is great! It also though leaves a bigger potential of us forgetting or losing our readers.

Luckily, Optx 20/20, a leading online resource for reading glasses and other eyewear have an entire section of 3-pair Value-Pac readers. Here are a few reasons why these readers are great:

  • For one, the variety. No matter what your age is, there is a 3-pair pac for you or a loved one. If you prefer plastic, we have a package for you. If you prefer metal, we also have a package for you. We even have a 3-pair value pac that comes with spring hinges!
  • Second, the prices are “jaw-dropping”. Not one, not two, but three pairs of reading glasses for as little as $12.50! That comes out to $4.17 a pair! Great looking glasses, without the expensive price-tag and no it is not a misprint.
  • Third is the quality. Unlike, readers you buy in the drug store, Optx 20/20 readers are durable readers that last! They even come with a 30-day money back guarantee!

We all know that nothing can be worse then struggling to read and not having your readers when you most need them. With three pairs, you don’t have to scramble in the case of emergency that you lose or break a pair. You always have a spare one nearby. What are you waiting for, grab your pac today!

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