Rough on Your Frames? FlexReaders is Your Solution.

Do you find yourself always breaking your readers? Sitting on them, dropping them, bending them in ways they probably shouldn’t? It’s okay, you don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed. There are many of us in the same “boat”.

Luckily there is a solution and they are called FlexReaders. These unique types of readers are made using high tech material that is not just durable, but also flexible.

Besides being durable and flexible they have a lot of other great features you won’t find in regular reading glasses. For example, the FlexReaders4 by Optx 20/20 feature dual-spring hinges for the temples and soft adjustable, rubberized nose pieces to prevent any marks on the sides of your nose. This makes them great for not just at home but traveling and other outdoor activities.

Stylish, lightweight, durable and a great way to see the world! Try a pair of FlexReaders today. They will last a lifetime!

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