Sunglasses Should Be Worn Even When it’s Cloudy

The summer is in full swing and there are going to be many beautiful days to spend outdoors enjoying the warm, bright sun. The summer also though, brings a lot of rain and cloudy weather with it. Did you know, even on overcast days, UV rays can pierce through clouds and cause eye damage? Yes, it is true, which means sunglasses should be worn even on the gloomiest of days.

Still, according to a recent Harris poll, only 17% of American heed that advice.  Beyond that nearly half of adults don’t check UV-protection ratings before buying a new pair of sunglasses.

Every pair of Optx 20/20 sunglasses blocks 99.9% UVA and UVB light ensuring your eyes don’t get sunburn even on cloudy, gloomy days. Also, realize don’t go by darkness of the frames when purchasing a new pair, go by UV protection.

For even more coverage and security try a pair of close-fitting wraparound styles, such as the stylish Materhorn frames or  Kilimanjaro Overglass frames that can easily fit over your prescription glasses.

Your eyes are one, it not the most important part of your body. You need to make sure you take care of them to be able to truly enjoy this beautiful world we all live in. Take care of them, no matter what the elements look like outside!

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