When Semi-Rimless is Right

Picking out a pair of readers can be tricky. Besides finding a pair that helps your sight, the second biggest determinant is choosing the style.

While some people may like full frame glasses and others like a rimless style, semi-rimless have a lot of benefits in their own-right.

Semi-rimless frames are great for those that are still working and not retired. That is because they will make the wearer look professional. Semi-rimless glasses stand out on the face and make a person in the work-force look very distinct.

Compared to rimless frames, semi-rimless frames are usually more secure as they are secured by the frame on one end and a strong transparent cord on the opposite side. Compared to full-rim frames, less material is used with semi-rimless readers as less material is used.

Lastly, since they don’t have an outline on one end, either the top or bottom, they provide the wearer with a larger view.

Optx 20/20 has a large variety of great semi-rimless frames that will make any wearer smile.

One example is the Fusion model. They are eco-friendly, durable, ultra-lightweight and come with incredible quality acrylic aspheric lenses for clear vision!

Buy a pair today and get a bonus, protective case made from plant materials in a color coordinated basket-weave.

Give a semi-rimless pair a try. It may open up a whole new world for you!


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