The Attraction Appeal of Glasses

Glasses provide a lot more than just help with sight. Glasses can be used as a fashion statement. To take it one step further, glasses can provide attraction appeal.

Glasses can provide a person with a new type of intellectualism another person may not have had otherwise during initial engagement.

For example, thick black frames, such as a pair of NICO, Elements readers can turn a person instantly into a hipster. Rimless frames, such as the EcoClear Ice frame on the contrast can give you that brainy look you may need to show intelligence. If you are looking to show that you are creative on a date or new encounter with someone, you may want to grab a pair of colored plastic frames such as ones from the ClassicReaders 3 Pair Value-Pack.

Need to add some spice into your marriage or relationship with your significant other? A pair of affordable readers may just be the trick to bring that “sexy” back into your life. Give it a try and turn Valentines Day into everyday! It may be the answer you were looking for!

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