The Real-World Benefits Eye-Defend Slingshot Trek Brings To Users

Do you work in a factory and spend a lot of time going between indoors and outdoors? Are you reading blueprints under the hot sun in construction type environments? Do you find yourself losing or breaking your eyewear at work often? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to take a closer look at the brand-new Eye-Defend Slingshot Trek bifocal sport safety glasses now available from Optx 20/20.

Not only are these glasses UVA and UVB protected sunglasses but they feature a bifocal lenses and are made using high-impact polycarbonate that exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards which has become the standard for safety-eyewear equipment.

What makes these safety sunglasses even greater is they never can get lost. With the integrated Slingshot retractable cord, the glasses will easily sit loosely around your neck when not in use and tighten to your face when being worn. This way they are always with you and you never have to say again, “where are my glasses”?

The bifocal lets you easily read and see details up close while the side-shields are not only flexible and removable but also lock into place for full eye protection.

In addition the lenses feature an anti-fog coating which can be very beneficial in a climate with high humidity.

Available in black with smoke lenses, clear with clear lenses or matte graphite with flash blue mirror lenses there is an option for any taste and desire! Your co-workers will be so jealous and will for sure follow-suit in getting a pair for themselves!

Keeping your eyes safe never got easier. Get a pair of Slingshot Trek’s today!

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