Three Careers That Certainly Could Use Hydrotac

Hydrotac, by Optx 20/20 is one unique product. In a matter of seconds they can turn any pair of eyewear into bifocal readers. Simply apply water and adhere. But, Hydrotac lenses are great for more than just reading. They can have a lot of benefits for a variety of professions, including ones you wouldn’t even think of! Here are a few unique examples:

  • Seamstresses. A seamstress has a very delicate job in making and adjusting clothes. One wrong stitch could mean starting over or perhaps even permanent damage to an existing garment. With a lot of eye coordination needed, Hydrotac is the perfect accessory for a pair of glasses to make sure every alternation is perfect.
  • Air Traffic Controllers. Air Traffic Controllers have extremely important jobs as they are looking at maps and screens very diligently to make sure everyone in the air is safe. One wrong direction they give a pilot can lead to a potential disaster. By wearing Hydrotac on their glasses will make sure their calculations and math are up to par and no potential accidents occur.
  • Dental Hygienists. Looking in and working on someone’s mouth is what a hygienist does on a regular basis. It is though not a big area to work in nor is there a lot of light that can help with sight. By having a Hygienist include Hydrotac on their masks will definitely make their job easier and their patient’s sparkly whites even brighter. Additionally, hydrotac can help the hygienist find hidden plaque that they may not otherwise have found.

As you can see, Hydrotac doesn’t just make reading easier. It makes life easier, including in many careers you may not have thought of. Available in +125, +150, +175, +200, +250 and +300 diopters, Hydrotac 2 pair offer at $29.95 is a no-brainer! Shop now by clicking here and start enjoying “life’s little details.”

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