Ways To Remove Those Annoying Marks You Get From Glasses

We all know how much you LOVE your Optx 20/20 readers. They look great on your face and greatly assist when reading your favorite books, magazine, tablet or newspaper.

Unfortunately though, reading glasses and their nose pads can at times leave marks or impressions on your nose after wearing them for a long period of time.  Usually these marks will go away with time but the issue can be minimized during the early stages of the impression by following the below methods:

  • Clean your face twice or thrice daily to remove all the impurities and the dead skin cells.
  • After washing, apply a moisturizer to avoid skin from getting dry and any initial pigmentation problem from increasing.

If the pigmentation doesn’t go away, you may also want to try some of these alternative methods:

  • Rub a fresh slice of potato or cucumber or tomato on the pigmented area daily.
  • Use of Vitamin –E rich ingredients like Almond oil around the area.
  • Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener. Apply diluted fresh lemon juice on your nose and it should help in making the marks lighter.
  • Apply a paste of dried and powdered orange peel and milk on the area. Keep it for some time and then wash it off.

Reading and being able to see are two of the most important activities you will do on a regular basis. Don’t let your readers though irritate your face. Try one of these above methods or contact your doctor and start truly “enjoying life’s little details.”

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