Choose Readers Not Decorative Contact Lenses For Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is a great time for people of all ages! From the costumes to the candy to the parties it can put a smile on everyone’s face.

Halloween can also become dangerous though if you don’t take proper pre-cautions ahead of time. Besides being careful of the candy you and your family consume, you should also be aware of the costumes you put on and the potential issues they can lead to.

In fact, the California Department of Health recently warned consumers about the risks associated with wearing decorative contact lenses without proper consultation with an eye care professional.

These lenses do not correct vision and are intended to temporarily change the appearance of the eye. This can lead to serious eye injury and potentially even blindness.

Instead, why not pick out a pair of Optx 20/20 readers to compliment your exciting costume? They will add a ton to your appearance, provide a slew of compliments and keep yours eyes safe at the same.

Browse our website 24/7 and have a happy and most importantly safe Halloween!

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