Sunglasses Provide Headache and Eyestrain Reduction

It maybe getting chilly in many parts of the country but the sunrays can still be strong! Even in colder temperatures, people without protective eyewear may experience headaches and eyestrain.

This is because the pupil at the front of the eye controls how much light reaches the light-sensitive retina in the back of the eye. In dim light, the pupil gets bigger, or dilates, to allow more light to enter. In bright light, the pupil gets smaller to prevent too much light from striking the retina.

Unfortunately though, when its really bright outside the pupil may not be able to constrict small enough to reduce the light.  This in effect will cause the eye to squint so it can reduce the space between the upper and lower lids and in turn reduce the light from entering the eye.

While this squinting makes it more comfortable on the eye doing it continuously can cause muscle fatigue, which can lead to headaches, and muscle fatigue.

Luckily by putting on a pair of sunglasses, such as a pair of Denali or Switch you will get maximum protection for your eyes against the strong sunrays. Both of these pairs along with many others block 99.9% UVA and UVB light as well as the need for squinting which means less headaches or eye strains caused by sun hitting your eyes.

Don’t let headaches from the sun keep you from being outside during this beautiful autumn weather. Get a pair today!

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