Three Reasons Why Cornea Implants Are A BAD Idea

A new study is going around the web about a new procedure that can potentially end your need of reading glasses.  The procedure involves people with presbyopia or age-related blurry vision to get a tiny corneal implant inserted into the eye.  While it sounds like a great idea, here are three reasons why keeping your readers is still the preferred method:

  • It doesn’t always work. While the procedure takes a mere 10 minutes, many people involved in studies say their vision doesn’t improve after it. That means you went through a procedure that may not fix your issue.
  • It’s expensive. This new procedure isn’t covered by insurance. That means you have to shell out a lot of cash to actually get it done. Why not simply see just as well by purchasing an expensive pair of the stylish Oxygen readers from Optx 20/20 that can be delivered to your door in the matter of days.
  • It can be dangerous. No matter how safe the procedure may appear, there are always risks during an operation. The last thing you want is to further damage your eyes or perhaps even lose your vision all together.

Many people get frustrated with looking for their readers to be able to see.  Yes, this procedure may make that a thing of the past, but so can a pair of glasses. For example, the Magellan Slingshot feature an adjustable, retractable cord built right into the temples.  In addition, they are stylish, unisex and made using eco-friendly products.

Do your homework ahead of time as sometimes “when it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

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