Preparing For The Big Meal

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us will be pulling down the dusty cookbooks to make our annual favorites for the “big meal.”

While for many of us this may be a no brainer, here are some good refresher tips to make sure all the cooking goes smoothly:

  • Prepare all the ingredients in advanced. If you need veggies cut or diced you don’t want to be doing that while you are trying to cook. It will distract you and cause mistakes.  Prepare all your ingredients before you begin cooking. It will make you happier in the long run and the happier you are the healthier you are.
  • Pre-heating matters. It is almost always necessary to preheat the oven, especially for cooking during Thanksgiving. When the pre-heat light indicator on, an oven turns off all that means is that the air temperature near the probe in the oven has reached the desired temperature. Allow your oven to sit, closed for fifteen to twenty minutes after the preheating light turns off to allow the oven walls to absorb heat, thus reducing recovery time for the food.
  • Wear your readers. There is nothing worse then adding too much or too little of an ingredient because you couldn’t read the instructions properly.  Yes a recipe book from the 1940s will be different then one from the 1990s. Still it is important no matter when the book came out to have your reading glasses on at all times so you can read and monitor everything that is going on in the kitchen properly.

From everyone at Optx 20/20 have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

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