The 411 on Vision Insurance

With 2015 right around the corner, many people and families are looking at their options for health insurance in the coming year, that includes vision coverage. Under the Affordable Care act (ACA) vision care as well as prescription eyeglasses are not usually covered. Individual, stand-alone vision policies are also not offered in the healthcare marketplace –

Some health plans though offer health insurance exchanges that may include coverage for eye exams, glasses and contact lenses. Many group policies through workplaces also offer vision coverage. If not many times employers offer vision care in a stand-alone policy.  You should definitely inquire with your firm’s Human Resource’s department.

If you are insured through Medicaid, you most likely do have some form of vision coverage. The amount though varies by state and most states include glasses in their packages.

Vision coverage is though covered in health care packages for children through the ACA as a preventative care service. Insurers cannot require a co-pay or an additional insurance coverage for pediatric vision care.  Children insured via Medicaid will also have coverage for exams and glasses, although the limits vary by state.

For more information on vision insurance coverage contact your current or new primary healthcare provider and for a great deal on readers or sunglasses, where no insurance premium or deductible is required visit

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