Glasses and Your Eyebrows

For a woman, choosing out the best pair of readers is more than just picking out a pair of frames and putting them on. There are many other variables involved including makeup, fashion and your eyebrows.

In general most people suggest always matching the top of the glasses frame to your eyebrow line. While in theory this sounds great but in reality it is almost impossible to make that kind of match. Because of that, here are a few tips to consider:

  • As a general rule thick frames such as the Elements NICO with a really thin brow line can make it appear as if you have no brows at all. If you don’t keep up with your brows you will also want a thick, oversized frame as bushy brows will not look good underneath the lens and will detract attention away from your eyes.
  • If you are a fan of semi-rimless readers, then you will want to probably do your best to match that brow line as close as possible. You definitely don’t want the appearance of double eyebrows.
  • Always keep a small pair of scissors or tweezers nearby. This will help to quickly get rid of strays that clash with the frames.

Style is important when it comes to your eyes and glasses will most definitely draw even more attention to them. Every style is different and experimenting is a must. If you do get a new pair of frames and you feel your appearance isn’t quite the way you want it, consider playing with the shape of your brows as a little change may do a world of difference!

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