Celebrities and their Specs

With it being January, that can only mean the start of the Hollywood awards season. From the People’s Choice to the Golden Globes and Oscars there are plenty of awards to hand out to the best in show business.

Some may think though that the awards season is more about the red carpet and what the celebrities are wearing then the actual awards show itself.  Besides the outfits though, many celebrities come dressed with some very stylish eye wear.

Kevin Spacey, of the popular Netflix Original House Of Cards came to the recent Golden Globes wearing a very stylish and sophisticated pair of semi-rimless readers.  The frames made him look very Presidential, just like the role he plays on the hit drama.

Former Friends favorite Jennifer Aniston who seems to be a regular on Awards shows these days is often seen on and off camera wearing a tortoise pair of plastic, full-eye readers. Not only do the glasses give her that intelligent look but they also make her beautiful eyes really standout!

Robert Downy Jr., star of the courtroom drama The Judge walked down the red carpet to get his Golden Globe wearing a very sporty pair of full-eye blue frames with blue tinted lenses to match his jacket. A very stylish and sophisticated look for everyone’s Iron Man.

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