What Causes Glasses To Fog Up?

In many parts of the country it is getting very chilly out. Below freezing temperatures means a lot of layers, scarves, gloves, hats and yes, foggy glasses!  Did you ever wonder though why your glasses fog up in the cold.

Without getting to scientific, when warm moist air (coming from inside) comes in contact with a cold surface (going outside), the water held in the air as vapor condenses into tiny liquid drops as it cools against the surface.

Lens fogging though has a bunch of variables. Here are a few examples:

  • How much a person tends to perspire and the heat generated from the activity that person is participating in.
  • The shape of the person’s face as it affects airflow on the lens.
  • The shape of the glasses as it affects airflow on the lens.

We are all different and there are a bunch of factors to always take into consideration. Luckily though there are some easy and effective ways to counter these really annoying occurrences:

  • Utilize an anti-fog lens cleaner spray on your glasses before you go outside. This should help alleviate the problem before it even starts as it provides a quoting to help when that warm air hits that cold surface.
  • Purchase a pair of eyewear such as the Eyedefend Cross Train Ballistic Shield that comes with an anti-fog coating already on the lens so fogging never becomes an issue during any circumstance.

Don’t let fogged up glasses get to you. Take a deep breath, as there is always a solution that can fix the problem and allow you to see crystal clear with no distractions!

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