Wearing Glasses in the Shower

Many of us know the frustration that occurs when you can’t see. Besides that, it can even be dangerous.  So other than when sleeping, the only time many of us don’t have our glasses on is when in the shower.

Is it bad though to wear your glasses in the shower?

The answer is – it really depends on a variety of factors:

  • Do you find yourself getting soap in your eyes cause you can’t see? If you are, it may be a good idea to keep them on so you don’t potentially get an infection.
  • What material are your glasses made out of? If you wear metal frames, there usually isn’t an issue. If though you wear plastic frames, the water could dry them out and cause them to discolor fairly quickly. They possibly could even warp.
  • What are your lenses made out of?  The steam from the hot water may make your lens blurry, which could make things worse than not wearing glasses at all.

Not being able to wear your glasses can be a huge annoyance, especially if you have a really strong prescription. One solution maybe to get a second pair of less expensive frames that you use only in the shower or potentially a pair of prescription goggles that are waterproof.

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