Athletes and Eyewear

With this Sunday being the “Big Game” we thought it would be a great time to look into athletes and their eyewear, as vision plays an important part in nearly every sport!

Did you know swimmers weren’t allowed to use goggles in the Olympics until 1976? Now it looks strange when you see one without a pair on. Goggles are used to help swimmers see under water while swimming at extremely fast speeds.  The last thing a swimmer wants to do is crash into an end wall. In addition goggles help swimmers from getting chlorine and other chemicals found in water into their eyes.

Protective eyewear is also very common in many sports such as basketball, baseball and racquetball. Many of these sports involve a lot of body contact and flying objects. An elbow in basketball or wild pitch in baseball can do tremendous damage to your eyes and eyesight and potentially even lead to blindness.

Sunglasses also play an important role in many sports played outside including baseball and beach volleyball. They keep the athletes’ eyes safe as well as ensure proper vision while performing in the sport. Sunglasses help with the sun’s UV rays as well as help shield from wind, rain and glare.

In general all types of eyewear worn during sports should be light in weight, but secure when in movement.

Sports are fun to play but safety should always be the top priority. That most certainly includes your eyesight!

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