A List Of Common Eye Problems And What Causes Them

If you are able to read this post you should be aware of the gift you have. The gift of sight. Many of us take seeing though for granted, while there are millions around the world that are vision impaired or completely blind.

Those of us that are able to see though do experience a variety of temporary eye problems. That can include, itching and blurriness. While these will probably go away with time, there may be other problems that could be more serious. Here is a brief list and their probable causes:

  • Do you ever get a twitching sensation in your eye? While usually harmless, this involuntary movement of the eyelid maybe associated with stress or caffeine. Monitor it and if it continues, you should see your eye doctor.
  • Are your eyes tired often? If you find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open during the day you may be experiencing dry eye syndrome or potentially computer vision syndrome. Take a break from what your doing and close your eyes. In time, they should feel more awake.
  • Seeing spots or floaters? You maybe experiencing retinal detachment or diabetic retinopathy. This can become a very serious issue and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.
  • Does it get harder to read as you age? Many eye problems occur, as we get older. Some include Presbyopia and Macular Degeneration. While everyone is different, many times reading glasses can help solve age-related health problems.

Our eyes are a very amazing part of the human body. No matter how much you take care of them, circumstances can occur. Luckily there are solutions out there to help make things better.

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