What Exactly Is A Retina Display?

Many of us at any hour of day or night are now throwing on a pair of nearby readers to read a good book or to get the news. Today, many us aren’t reading traditional paper books and newspapers like they used to but via an Apple iPad.

Today iPads are becoming extremely advanced with the amount of “stuff” you can actually do with them.  From using it to play a musical instrument to pick out what you want for dinner in a local restaurant they definitely can do a lot.

These tablets are coming not only with high definition screens but also retina displays. But what exactly is a retina display?

Retina displays are displays that include a super high pixel density. While the naked eye may not immediately see the difference, a screen without retina display could possibly eventually put a strain on your eyes.

Retina displays gets rid of all that possibility that you potentially could see tiny dots on your digital screen when reading a book, looking at pictures or watching a movie. The colors are also more vibrant and crisp.

Do you see pixels on your iPad? A lot could depend on your viewing distance. If you start to see blurriness on your screen it may not though be your iPad but a change in your eyesight. A visit to the eye doctor will be important as well a higher diopter pair of readers. Optx 20/20 offers diopters as high as +5.00!

Welcome to the digital world! We hope your experience is a great one.

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