Spring Fashion Optical Trends

As we move into the spring season, the weather for most of us is starting to get a little warmer. That means getting the cooler clothes out of the closet and shopping for some new outfits. That also means taking a look at your eyewear and perhaps getting a few new frames to complete your attire. Here are a few glasses ideas to consider:

Harmony readers with blue templates are great unisex frames that will look great in any casual springtime setting. From the park to the grocery store you will definitely grab other’s attention!

The Airlite rimless frames provide both comfort and crystal clear vision. Available in a variety of colors, some great options for spring include the Crystal Clear version as well as the Crystal Clear Pale Blue option. Both would work great in a casual and formal setting.

The CEO frames in Tortoise are another great option.  Besides being vibrant and unique, they are also very affordable! These frames feature spring-hinge temples as well as a classic half-rim front. Best of all they are just $9.99!

What are you waiting for? Spring is here and eyewear is hip. Shop online 24/7 and grab a few new pairs today!

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