Blurred Vision? What does this mean?

Blurred vision can be a stressful and sometimes frightening proposition. There are many causes ranging from complicated health issues to something as simple as a need for reading glasses. If you’re over the age of 40, the most common cause of blurred vision is presbyopia, which in most cases can be treated with a simple pair of reading glasses. However the cause could be the more serious age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Age-related macular degeneration usually affects your ability to focus while reading or driving because of blurred vision. This condition occurs in the macula of the eye, essential to perceiving fine detail.

Age-related macular degeneration occurs in two ways–wet AMD and dry AMD. It sounds funny, sure, but the differences are important. Wet AMD occurs when blood vessels behind the retina leak blood and fluid. The onset of this condition is quick and often results in straight lines appearing wavy. Dry AMD occurs in stages without symptoms until later. You’ll gradually notice blurred vision starting from the center of the affected eye. If you have some difficulty recognizing faces, or you seem to require more light in order to read, you may have dry AMD.

Those experiencing blurred vision due to AMD may not even notice their gradual loss of vision, while others notice immediately. Either way, blurred vision shouldn’t be ignored. If you’ve been to the doctor and everything checks out, maybe its time for a good pair of over-the-counter reading glasses.

When does your vision get blurry? If you can see things up close and lose focus when trying to make out something in the distance, chances are you’re nearsighted. Reverse those blurred vision symptoms (you’re able to see from afar, but not up close) and you’re farsighted. This all sounds pretty simple—almost too simple—but you’d be surprised how many people fail to consider such an easy solution for blurred vision. A pair of over-the-counter reading glasses may be the answer.

Another common reason for blurred vision is astigmatism. You can have nearsighted or farsighted astigmatism, and depending on which, objects will appear blurry from near or far. Astigmatism gives your eye two focal points. Farsighted eyes focus on and behind the retina while nearsighted eyes focus on and in front of the retina. It sounds and seems much more serious than it really is. The truth of it all, just about everyone has some sort of astigmatism. So don’t freak out too much. All you have to do is find out which applies to you and fix it with the most stylish frames you can find.

The only way to properly diagnose your blurred vision is by visiting your nearest optometrist and taking the necessary eye exam. You will most likely need glasses, and nothing more. That’s not so bad compared to the other causes and treatments of blurred vision. It’s important to address blurred vision with the appropriate eyeglass solution and the style to match. Optx 20/20 has an answer for all your simple reading glasses needs, along with an expert eye for style.

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