A Great Method For Cleaning Your Glasses

Glasses are an investment just like anything else. If you take care of them, they have the potential to last a long time. But, did you know though that you could potentially damage your glasses by the method in which you clean them? Glasses, depending on the lenses can be very fragile and shouldn’t be treated as a toy

You should always avoid placing lenses near your mouth and then breathing on them or wiping them with your shirt. These methods will surely scratch them in no time. Instead this method may be the trick for having that clear vision you want and need:

When cleaning your lenses, utilize a dish soap that contains zero creams or has any colors in them. After adding the soap, rub the lenses between your fingers and then rinse the lenses off with hot water. Once rinsed, you may experience water beading on the lenses. Shake them of as best you can and then take a clean cloth to remove the excess water and residual streaks. Use the cloth lightly though as it will greatly help in keeping the lenses from scratching. This is especially important for lenses that have an anti-reflective coating on them such as the EcoClear Oxygen frames.

No matter what price you pay for a pair of frames, dirty glasses are useless glasses. By taking proper care and giving them the right attention, they will be sure to work for you for years to come!

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