How To Determine Which Strength Is Right For You

If you’re new to the reading glasses world, you should know a few facts before you pick out the perfect frame. That is because they may look great, but if you can’t see out of them, what’s the point?

Readers come in several different strengths, increasing in diopter in .25 increments. A diopter is a term used to identify the refractive (light bending) capacity of a lens.  A higher diopter indicates a higher refractive capacity, and a greater magnification. Powers start at +100 and range up to +500. Don’t guess at which will work for you. Instead download and print a reading test card from our Facebook page, also known as a diopter test. The chart should be approximately 5 inches wide and read from about 14 inches away from your face. It should be noted that the chart only goes up to +400 and if you are having trouble reading that line, you will want to go with a diopter of +450 or +500 but before you make a purchase also consult with your eye doctor.

This quick, little chart will help you instantly determine which diopter is meant for you. Simply scan the rows of words, ranging from small to large and determine which you can and can’t read. If you fall between sizes, which aren’t uncommon, shop for readers that are the next size down, never up.

Remember to take off your current frames before taking the test, as you would be surprised how many people don’t realize when they have their glasses on.

Once you determined the proper size, head over to our website and pick out a pair or two of stylish new frames that are bound to get plenty of compliments!

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